A Look at “The Perfectionist”

08eb4ceThe term “Perfectionist” is used to define a person who generally strives to do things perfectly AND also may those around him or her to do the same.  Very often these people are extremely high achievers.  They seem to accomplish multiple tasks and do an outstanding job.  Although striving for quality and high standards can be a positive attribute, it can, as with anything else, be taken to an extreme and become a real problem.  People who live, love or work with a perfectionist often feel subtle disapproval of the smallest infraction or deviation from the PERFECT.  This can create tensions in the relationship. It’s important to remind a ‘healthy perfectionist’ that not everyone is the same. In fact, we are all different!

 The perfectionist…often complains of feeling overly driven and bothered by trivial details that many others can overlook.  They are left feeling disappointed in others and resentful.  They vow that to get anything done correctly, they must do it themselves!  This leaves an ever-growing mountain of tasks to be accomplished.  Overwhelmed and exhausted, the perfectionist may become cranky and sound more like a ‘drill sergeant’. Unrealistic expectation to place on yourself or those around you is unsustainable.  Try to distinguish between what is high quality and what is perfect… there is a tremendous difference.  One is attainable and the other is not!

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