Being AN Unpopular Parent (Occasionally)!

controlling-mom-1200x800Can you tolerate being an “unpopular” parent at times?  Too frequently in this day and age of psychological awareness parents, want their kids to understand their reasoning for a decision, not be upset by it.  Some moms and dads worry about being seen as “Cool”.  Some parents get really nervous if their children are upset with them.  They actually feel worried that they are “mean” and their child will not love them.  The very nature of parenting is that the parents are the grown-ups and our children are still children.  Although kids deserve respect and love unconditionally, they do not and should not be expected to understand our parental motives and reasoning.  We are helping them by modeling boundaries and limits. Therefore, almost daily we are going to make decisions that our children do not like.  The only way to avoid ‘waves’ is making NO differing decisions and allowing your child to rule the roost.  You may avoid being unpopular NOW, but you will also have bigger headaches ahead.  Children would much rather feel guided by bumping up against the “No’s”, than no parenting at all.  Kids without parenting are akin to a runaway train. Especially during the teen years, when parents become unpopular for longer stretches of time, we must remember, that this is part of healthy parenting and in time, this too shall pass.  It is actually their job to feel annoyed at us.  It helps them separate and prepare for the world at large. We, as good parents base our decisions on long-term goals and the overall welfare of the child.  It takes COURAGE to be a Good Parent!  We teach very important LIFE lessons: Life is Complicated, Life is not FAIR, and Sometimes, things do NOT go our way.  Not easy for any of us….big or small!

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