The Secret Sauce Of Parenting!

Every child needs experience to develop self-reliance.  Self-reliance is perhaps one of the most Authoritative-parentingvital components of a healthy, well-functioning adult.  Discipline that is democratic, gives the child the opportunity to practice his or her self-reliance.

Democratic discipline is the willingness to share power.  Frequently, parents confuse sharing power with giving it away, thus creating an over-permissive environment.  Democratic discipline means involving the entire family as soon as possible with the complex process of interacting with each other.   Young children can learn how to participate.  Leaning to express feelings and openly work on conflicts creates a household filled with caring and an emphasis on cooperation.  When a child feels his opinions, feelings, and thoughts are valued, he or she will feel loved.  When a human being feels loved AND valued he wants to cooperate; he or she is much more interested in negotiating conflicts and far more capable of being flexible.

Many adults enter into parenthood with a strong need for power since they have grown up under the restrictions of “tough” parents, teachers, and employers.   It is only natural that when a person becomes a parent (a position loaded with power), there may be a tendency to unilaterally call the shots.  It is easy to parent the SAME as or OPPOSITE from what we knew.  Copying or being polar opposite is not the answer.  Finding your own style and creating a balance of love that exhibits strength, kind leadership, and true compassion is the “Secret Sauce” of Parenting.

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