The Workaholic-Versus The Hard Worker?

Do you qualify as a true workaholic?  A person who works long hours, loves their work yet hinh-2-1387335650370MAKES and HAS time for pleasure and leisure IS NOT a WORKAHOLIC.  A true workaholic suffers from a driven-ness and a compulsion that dominates their life.  There is a frantic quality in their daily behavior.  If not frantic, then totally preoccupied.  Either way, it is hard to find a way ‘to get in front of this person’ in a meaningful way.  A sense of rushing and busyness, constantly thinking or talking about work, a reluctance to take time off from work and MOST importantly, a severely diminished and impaired social life are the hallmarks of Workaholics.

Interestingly enough, ‘Workaholic’ behavior is the only addiction that members of our society actually brag about.  Unfortunately, small business owners tend to have a high incidence of ‘workaholism’… they feel solely responsible for the success of their business.  As a result, they become indispensible and actually become prisoners to their work.  Technology although spectacular, has created another major problem when it comes to taking a needed break.  Texting, e-mails, websites and all our devices beckon the workaholic.  Control is a big issue for the workaholic.  Feeling out of touch with the business becomes terribly uncomfortable.  These overly “hard workers” are truly lost without this addiction.  It is the only way they can recognize ‘who they are’.  Beneath the driven behavior is often a frightened and lost Self who is uncertain of their value…without the Addiction.

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