Am I Depressed?

Depression is a feeling of sadness, sometimes called the ‘Blues’, usually accompanied by depression_1-ad78d208bfd0907a122c249a74cd8f6ff184705e-s6-c30fatigue, lethargy, and various degrees of withdrawal from daily living.  Some depression is caused by loss, such as divorce, death, illness, a move, job change, or retirement.  Any change can create a mild shift of mood.  Usually feelings of sadness or “off balance” are a reaction to a specific life event.  Frequently, with time and the ability to talk about and express the emotions, the depression will lift.  Other depressions that seem to be long lasting without being triggered by a life change are due to deeper more complicated conflicts that may require professional help.

The most common signal of depression is sleeplessness or constant fatigue.  People who suffer from depression may fall asleep each night only to awaken in the early morning hours unable to fall back to sleep.  A general lack of enthusiasm often accompanies a depression.  Disinterest in sex, friends, and family is common.  Overeating or under eating, actually extremes in any direction may be a masking the discomfort.  A lack of self-esteem with feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, and hopelessness are pervasive.

Again, many depressions clear up spontaneously, however, if you identify yourself within this description AND it has been a long time since you felt good, perhaps it is time to take some action.  Mobilizing yourself is the first positive step toward dealing with depression. Depression responds well to appropriate treatment.  There is NO DOUBT; the acknowledgement of how you feel and getting help is a sign of strength and healthy determination to improve the quality of your life.

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