YOU Are The Author of YOUR Book!

418206_10150636347334871_576049870_8852236_1039361083_nLet’s take a moment to consider our continuing Adult Development.  First and foremost, Development NEVER Stops!  Not until we take our last breath.  There is a great deal attention given to Early/Child Development.  We often neglect the fact that as adults, we fluidly pass though various developmental passages.  Unlike babies and small children, we don’t grow in size, yet we continue to grow in many exciting ways.  Newest research supports how plastic and flexible the brain continues to be throughout the entire Lifespan.

We are constantly “morphing”.  Hopefully, we are quite different than who we were a decade ago.   Mid-life (from forty to sixty-five) is a time of tremendous transition and change.  Even at the older end of mid life, it is a time of assessing one’s occupation, relationships and quality of life.  Most adults are dealing with aging parents.  This reminds us that life is finite. Somewhere around now we begin to notice that our body is not the same as it was at thirty!  Little aches and pains quietly appear. At the same time levels of appreciation often rise as we begin to count our “Blessings”.

Adults in the forties, fifties and sixties begin to refine and accept themselves as they juggle families, jobs, and money.  This can create some restlessness, confusion, or anxiety.  The Refining may actually create RE-DEFINING. A big change may occur!  In certain respects, the teenager and the person in mid-life are experiencing many things in common.  Both are searching for meaning within their own changing worlds.

I think it is important for all of us to remember that our lives and our development is a continual journey with ever changing life segments similar to chapters in a book.  We are the common thread.  With each stage or Chapter deeply connected to what came before, we as “THE AUTHORS” of our Life can be full of new surprises.

What is Emerging in your most recent Chapter?

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