Struggles and difficulties, facing personal problems, and grappling with physical, or Compassion-During-Divorcepsychological pain are all part of Life’s Menu.  Compassion from others and toward you can begin to soothe the hurt and start the process of healing.  Compassion does NOT make a problem go away, but feeling less alone and more understood often gives us courage in dealing with our problems head on.

Check both sides of your ‘Compassion Scale’.  How easy is it for you to give?  How easy is it for you to receive from others?  They should be somewhat balanced!  If we think we don’t need anything from anyone, “because we are strong”, we have mistakenly LEARNED an unhelpful style of coping.  It just is not so!

So, be generous with your compassion when you see loved ones in need.  By the same token, do not be afraid or ashamed to accept the compassion that others offer to you. Needing kindness and caring from others is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of good health.  Keep remembering that we are Social Beings who require and thrive from the love and support of others.  It is another form of nutrition, every bit as important!

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