Waking up ‘Selfish’??

What does “Selfish” mean and where does it come from?  We all know people who take more Evolution-does-not-favour-selfish-peoplethen their share – whatever it might be.  It might be a bigger piece of pie or they monopolize the conversation.  We all know people who share or give the minimum to anyone.

As strange as it may sound, sometimes being selfish is often an attempt to get rid of empty, lonely or bad feelings.  There are lots of ways of being selfish.  People who are selfish can horde, accumulate, and possess lots of “stuff”.  They often over indulge in food, drink, drugs etc.  Here’s a secret, Selfishness can come from ‘stuffing and shoving’ the most they can into themselves in order to feel better.   Does it work?  Nope!  Most likely, they are still unsatisfied- still “hungry”.  Until we are comfortable INSIDE we cannot ‘Share’.  Selfishness is the opposite of openness and generosity.

Some of us grow up not knowing or understanding the concept of sharing – simply because it was not demonstrated to us in our lives.   No infant is “born selfish”….just hungry.  We do not wake up one morning “selfish”.  It starts very early and is the result of a lifetime of complex experiences. Can we reverse the trend?  Certainly.  But not until we get to know the ‘Real Story’ about who we are.

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