To Eat or Not to Eat- The Tug of War!

Powders, pills, and potions, books, videos, and weight loss promises make weight loss one of emotional-eating-21the richest industries in the country. Wanting to lose weight (or change our body size and shape) is something many have dealt with at some point in life. For some, it is a painful and chronic issue. Most forms of diets, especially crash diets, get the fat off quickly, however, keeping the weight off – is another story.

A more permanent approach to ‘weight control’ is to understand the origins of overeating, and to then connect the awareness to our overall sense of Self. By doing this, women can come to know themselves and their motivations.

Since childhood, women are taught to be aware, if not judgmental, about their external appearances. The pressure to look and behave in certain ways may influence or cause weight gain. Weight gain is often a secret dialogue between you and YOU. “I will not conform and I will ‘feed’ myself (emotionally). It is the one thing I can control completely and give to myself.”

Emotional Eating is a Tug Of War. I want it – I can’t- I shouldn’t! THEN, I don’t care – I WILL have it! Then I judge myself for giving in and feel weak….and the cycle starts all over again. Sound familiar?

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